wppi + lori:

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We rented a little, white Chevy and drove to Red Rock and the Hoover Dam. Thankfully Lori had been to Vegas a number of times and was a fantastic tour guide. This was perfect seeing how everyone knows I didn’t get blessed with much of a sense of direction, if any at all. Driving across this NEW BRIDGE was incredible.

wppi-wedding-photographer (2)

Made some absolutely FABULOUS new friends at the Airplanes & Blazers partay! But next year I’m SOOO NOT wearing my 5 inch heels. Our feet hurt so bad after a million hours of dancing that when we stumbled back to our hotel room even the carpet on our bare feet hurt like crazzzzzy. I mean, I really thought I might die. Right. There.

wppi-wedding-photographer (1)

This whole little adventure began because Lori and I decided in 2009 that we were going to WPPI in 2011 no matter what it took. AND WE DID! Yay! I must say, I kinda adore her. She’s an absolutely fabulous person inside and out. I’m ridiculously blessed to call her my friend. Seriously. She’s super awesome.

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