the wedding planning adventure: part 2

neutral-wedding-colors (1)

Since Laura chose a white dress, cool neutrals were the way to go. I had to kiss my dream of yellow Christian Louboutin heels goodbye but believe it or not I’m okay with this because he makes silver sparkly ones, too. I’ll be getting those. Right after I sell my house and car and first born child. As for bridesmaid dresses, Laura and I both adore J.CREW so naturally it was the first place we went looking. What’s that? A number of different gray/neutral shades on clearance? Caaaaan do! We were throwing dresses up on my Pinterest left and right while frantically calling all the girls, “Listen you HAVE to buy this dress RIGHT.NOW. before it gets sold out!” I can proudly say we were successful and we have a lovely mix of cool neutral colored dresses in different styles. Saweeeet. Done.

Money $aving Tip: Laura and I are HUUUUUGE clearance sale (and thrift store) shoppers. If you’re not super particular about an exact shade/color you can find incredible bargains on dresses for your bridesmaids at places like J.CREW (my fave!!!), anthropologie, Ann Taylor or ModCloth. Best part? Since you saved so much money on your dress you can spend more on SHOES! Here’s an example of this awesome kind of math: I got a $225 J.CREW dress for $41.99 which means I get $183.01 extra for shoes. tahdah!

P.S. I got these color swatches off For real. Their wedding section is truly divine.

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