snippets: march

in case you didn’t know, Instagram is now available for Android (as of yesterday, i think). and of course, iPhone. so there’s no excuse not to join the fun.

i’ve found this app to be fantastic for collecting snippets of the adventures i get myself into on a regular basis. one of my goals for 2012 (and probably every year after) is to learn to truly embrace the seemingly insignificant moments of life and make a conscious effort to soak up the here and now. i’ve found that these inbetween moments offer up some of the most glorious experiences life has to share. and it sure would be a shame to miss out.

(top to bottom, left to right) 1. i hope the ocean always amazes me; 2. are bonfires seriously not just the greatest things ever, or what?!; 3. picked up two of my sisters and went swimming in the freeeeezing South Holston Lake on one of the first (barely) warm days of the year (it was still Winter); 4. passed out upon finding YELLOW Stewart Weitzman loafers at a consignment shop in Boone NC for $12. why in the world no one bought these before or why someone sold them is beyond me. but i’m certainly not complaining; 5. my latest baby!!; 6. finally got to see The Love Language which so wonderfully  included a trip to Asheville with lovely friends; 7. First Aid Kit in Washington dc. i know this is dramatic, but it was the most beautiful show i’ve ever experienced; 8. frozen pizzas! because sometimes you just gotta kiss healthy eating goodbye; 9. the mountains at dusk – driving to my beloved Asheville.

love your soul if you actually read all that. xoxo!

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