the vespers:

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a few days ago i heard about this band called The Vespers. i then found out that the girls are sisters and the guys are brothers. i instantly wanted to like them. i have this thing for siblings singing and playing music together. i don’t know why exactly, but i think it’s the perfect harmonies and the sibling rivalry that i adore most. there’s something familiar and natural about it. family and music shape so much of who we are and when those two pieces of life are intertwined, they often prove to be something really great.

this afternoon they played at ETSU and the show was absolutely delightful. i happened to have my camera in the car so i took it along and snapped a couple pictures just for fun. if you’re going to be around Johnson City this weekend, you can catch The Vespers at Down Home on Friday night. it will be incredible. also! in case you want some more fantastic music in your life, a couple of my other favorite bands with siblings are The Smart Brothers and First Aid Kit. go listen and enjoy!

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