fuji ga645 – test shots:

fuji-ga645 (4)fuji-ga645 (3)

there was a wedding at Edinburgh Castle while we were there……..so in typical creeper fashion i took a picture.

fuji-ga645 (2)fuji-ga645 (1)

loved the way these b&w’s turned out. they really help portray the beautifully dreary and damp weather of Edinburgh. ECM is where we worked while in Scotland and we frequented Wellington Coffee multiple times, as well. of all the coffee stops we made, this darling place was by far the most fabulous. (the next few shots are kodak portra 160).

fuji-ga645-portra-160 (1)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (6)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (5)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (8)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (2)

all in all, this little medium format film camera is supa fun and really easy to use. loved the shot above from Bath, England. charming little town. and Stonehenge?? a dream.come.true.

fuji-ga645-portra-160 (3)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (7)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (4)