what i wear when photographing weddings:


wedding shooting clothes


D G sheer silk blouse, $421
GAP slim crop pants, $50
Me Too patent leather flat, $59
Silver chandelier earrings, $22
Timex silver watch, $60
Ray-Ban glasses

so HOW IN THE PLANET did i not know about Polyvore until TONIGHT?!?!?!?! apparently, i live under a rock.

thought it might be fun to share what i’ve found to work well while shooting weddings! this isn’t to say that my way is the best, it’s simply what works for me. if you have found an awesome clothing item or shoe that’s great to wear while photographing a wedding, i’d love to hear about it!

i discovered the Slim Crop pants at Gap this Spring and let me tell you, these are the PERFECT wedding shooting pants. i like a skinny leg, but what i don’t like is a skinny dress pant that just ends up looking like leggings. eww. the Slim Cropped pants are a great fit with a great length. nice, thick material. not too low (no one wants to see booty crack). and they’re stretchy!! in my opinion, they’re perfection.

the shoes. i scored a pair of these Me Too leather flats and they are incredibly comfy. the peep-toe looks cuter than a typical, plain flat. i’ve also had luck with a few Libby Edelman styles.

my Timex watch. just a classic piece. and for whatever reason i like the black face. a little different. i am dyyyyying to get a leopard band to go with it though. can you say, AHHMAAAAAAAZZZZING?

depending on my mood i sometimes wear my glasses. i have two different styles of RayBans. love them. at my last eye exam, my Doc asked if i had been wearing my glasses on a regular basis. i said, umm, yeah. well, when they match my outfit. ha! despite my best efforts to be funny while still telling the truth, Doc didn’t seem amused.

i usually just wear some sort of chandelier style earrings. i have a little collection of different kinds. usually i wear whatever i grab first.

this may come as a surprise to some of you, but i actually don’t own the $421 D&G blouse. i wish i did though! i couldn’t find the exact sleeveless tops I wear, but this one was close to one that i have. i rotate between 3-4 different black, sleeveless tops. all of them have ruffles. adds texture. in cooler weather, i layer up with a cardigan.

there are debates on whether or not wedding photographers should wear all black or dress is colors and more like a guest. i vote for all black basically because i sweat like a dog. tmi? maybe. but it’s the truth. i take photographing weddings very seriously and if that means i have to stand in the pouring rain, or lay down in mud to get the shot, i will. wearing black and wearing pants (instead of a dress/skirt) is all about function for me.

what do you think? dress like I normally do to show personality/blend in with guests OR go with the traditional black? if you’re a photographer, what works for you?

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