priscilla’s baby shower

owl-baby-shower (13)owl-baby-shower (12)owl-baby-shower (11)owl-baby-shower (10)owl-baby-shower (9)owl-baby-shower (8)owl-baby-shower (7)owl-baby-shower (6)owl-baby-shower (5)owl-baby-shower (4)owl-baby-shower (3)owl-baby-shower (2)owl-baby-shower (1) I was in charge of decorations for one of my friend’s baby showers not too long ago and since they were doing the new baby’s room in owls, I thought it fitting to add a few owl figurines. The huge majority of these details came from thrift stores and yard sales. This probably surprises no one that knows me. What can I say? I think everything turned out quite snazzy. And HUUUUGE compliments to my friend Stephanie for the killer owl cookies. Awesome, right?

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