laura + nicholas: sullivan county court house

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A little snippet of the story, as told by Laura…

“On June eighth we made it to the courthouse to be married, or as I say ‘getting the paperwork done,’ because our ‘real’ wedding will be held in July. The only person we wanted to be there was our photographer, which incidentally, is my amazing wedding photographer sister, Anna Hedges. Life just works out sometimes, what can I say? I had ordered a beautiful J.Crew dress and Nick wore his Navy ‘peanutbutters’ and we found ourselves standing in front of the Sullivan County Court House. Because I didn’t have Nicks finger size, I did not buy him a ring! Instead we tied our best friends bracelets (that we had worn for years) on each others finger as rings when we said ‘I do.’ No amount of planning could ever prepare someone for that moment when you finally say you will be completely committed to another person, and realize that they are your family, your home.”
Pretty PRECIOUS, right?!? All those letters are the letters they wrote each other while Nick was away at boot camp. so.adorable. This is surely one of my favorite weddings to date, but understandably so. It’s my SISTER!!!!! And I couldn’t be more excited to add another brother to the collection. I completely adore Nick. I just do. He’s perfect for Laura. So, so, soooooo excited to see where God will take them next… together.
With all the love and appreciation in the world, I’m thrilled you two allowed me to share these sweet memories with you and document your day. As cheesey as it sounds, they truly are moments I will treasure forever. xoxoxoxoxo!