laney + her boys: chattanooga tennessee

chattanooga-family-photographer (8)chattanooga-family-photographer (6)chattanooga-family-photographer (7)chattanooga-family-photographer (5)chattanooga-family-photographer (1)chattanooga-family-photographer (2)chattanooga-family-photographer (3)chattanooga-family-photographer (4)

seriously??? could these boys be any cuter?? don’t. think. so. =) this was another lovely family i photographed while in chattanooga a couple weeks ago! okay, this must be mentioned… i’m riding in the car with them and guess who i hear singing to me through the speakers? ohhh, you know, just The Smart Brothers! i was slightly extremely excited. this may sound dramatic, but Laney, you earned roughly 23948209348293048 cool points in my book. =)

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