kara: senior 2013

is she not the most beautiful and awesome 17 year old you’ve ever seen??? okay, okay. she’s one of my baby sisters. it’s my job (that i take very seriously) to go on and on about how she’s one of the best things ever. it’s totally in the How to be a Psycho Older Sister handbook, ya know. haha. in all honesty, i DO think she’s pretty. dang. awesome. she graduates high school next month and then ventures on to Columbia College. she kinda got this little thing called Tons of Scholarship Dollars for being a volleyball rockstar. pretty incredible. she’d never brag about that, but again, i’m the Psycho Older Sister. and this is my blog. so i can be mushy and brag a lot. haha. i love her. i adore her. i don’t even have the words to accurately describe how proud i am of the precious human being she has become. xo.

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