HGTR + the smart brothers:

holy-ghost-tent-revival (1)

While we (Laura and I) were in Ohio last week visiting family, Holy Ghost Tent Revival just happened to be playing a show 15 minutes away a couple nights ago! Hate that! haha! Over the past couple years, we’ve had suuuuch a fabulous time dancing at their shows and hanging out with them. Seriously. These guys are the real deal. We love them to pieces. And every time we see them play they get better and better and better and better and better. It’s pretty ridiculous, really. Here’s a video from last year’s Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion. You can see what I mean. And if they’re ever playing anywhere remotely near you, go see them live. You won’t be sorry and you can thank me later. I’ve seen a ton of bands play and believe me, these guys have energy like no one else.

As I was wasting time on the internets the other day I also ran across a couple new songs by one of my favorite bands ever, The Smart Brothers. For real. It was true love from the moment I first saw them play at the Sunny Side Up Cafe a couple years back. Can’t get enough. By the way, Lou and Jay, Tennessee misses you. And we wouldn’t be offended if you came and visited.

In other news, Droid (my mistreated stepchild) went for a swimmyswim in the lakeylake thanks to my handsome husband for flipping out of his kayak with my phone and now I FINALLY have the… iPhone!!!! Oh, happy day!!

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