happy birthday giveaway:

update: Nov 29, 2011

i put everyones name in a list and numbered each name. then entered the numbers in a random number generator. it gave me #6.



and a GIANT THANK YOU to EVERYONE for entering and for all the precious bday wishes!!!! xoxo!


happy-birthday-giveaway (1)

blessed doesn’t say the half of it. i was so excited this morning to wake up and have another chance at living this crazy, beautiful life. so to celebrate the wonderful things in my world, i’m giving away a few things that make me super, super happy!

– $25 gift card to The Container Store. my obsession with containers is a bit ridiculous to most people. i love to stash things (and then promptly forget where the “safe place” that I stashed them is. But that’s besides the point).

– $20 gift card to Panera. i refer to this amazing place as My 2nd Office. you can often find me sitting next to the fire place drinking my 978th cup of Hazelnut coffee just about every other day. i try not to like that place so much, but i just can’t help it. and there are no signs of breaking this bad habit anytime soon.

– OPI Glitter Nail Polish “Spark-tacular.” I don’t think this requires a description of why i love it. For real, people. it’s glitter and it’s OPI. It automatically equals loads of fun. obviously.


Soooo… here’s all ya gotta do to WIN my FAVORITE THINGS!

1) simply click here to “like” Anna Hedges Photography on Facebook.

2) update your Facebook status with: “I want to win Anna Hedges Photography‘s Birthday Giveaway! You can enter, too! www.annahedges.com.” In order to get credit for the entry, be sure to mention (using the @ symbol) Anna Hedges Photography so that it links to my page and I can see it!

3) bonus cool points if you comment on this post and tell me why you want to win!


you have until Tuesday, November 29, 2012 to enter. i will choose a winner that evening and announce it on the blog!

yayayayay!!! good luck and thanks for entering! happy day! xo!




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